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Electric Power Generator (EPG) equipment plays a critical role in keeping your business, facility or operations up-and-running. Look to Yancey Power Systems and Caterpillar for industry-leading generators, switch gear and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Yancey Power specializes in providing electric power for specific industries and uses across Georgia.  Some of these markets include:


Power is critical in hospitals and healthcare centers. Yancey Power Systems has standby and back up generators for sale in Columbus and throughout Georgia that deliver reliable performance at a low cost of ownership. Let us put together a complete turnkey solution consisting of a gen set and all accessories you need for seamless emergency power.

Data Centers

Data centers must be able to maintain maximum uptime, no matter what happens. A reliable source of backup power is an essential regulatory requirement for many organizations who outsource their data storage — as well as an important marketing point for your business.

Count on Yancey Power Systems to put together an affordable backup power system that gives you and your clients the peace of mind of knowing there’s a Cat generator available when the grid fails.


Telecommunications work in the field requires dependable generators that are easy and economical to transport. With a wide selection of Cat portable generators for sale, Brunswick, GA’s Yancey Power Systems is an ideal partner to telecom crews across Georgia. We offer several gen sets that can keep your crew working while minimizing noise and reducing the risk of fuel theft. Contact a representative near you to learn more.


The government agencies that build our infrastructure and provide vital support in an emergency all require reliable backup power generators. With the increasing scrutiny on the public sector, these solutions need to be demonstrably cost-effective, too. That’s where Cat comes in.

Yancey Power Systems can put together a Cat back up generator or other power system that meets EPA emissions requirements without sacrificing performance.


Need a standby power system to stay running when your regular generator is down for repairs? Looking for a seamless back up system that switches on automatically when necessary? Yancey Power Systems offers a wide selection of Cat power equipment designed to meet the unique requirements of the manufacturing industry.

Let us help you keep your productivity up, your employees comfortable and your operation cost-effective.


Use a Cat gen set to meet peak demands and deliver reliable power for all your customers — without driving up prices. Yancey Power Systems has several industrial generators for sale that provide the power utility providers need with a low cost of ownership. We carry new and used Cat products that have been designed for fuel efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements — essential benefits for any utility company.

Commercial Business

Commercial operations can benefit from Cat generators and other Yancey Power Systems equipment. In addition to conventional backup gen sets, we can also design and install a cogeneration system that delivers power for electrical loads and heating at the same time. A properly installed system can offer efficiency of up to 90%, as well as a number of other benefits.

Get in touch with a Yancey Power Systems representative directly to request a consultation and learn more.


A reliable remote power generator is a key asset in any fleet of construction equipment. When you’re working outside or in a remote location, you need to know you’ll have power on hand to stay productive and profitable, shift after shift. Cat equipment is known for its industry-leading performance and excellent fuel economy. Noise-attenuated enclosures help you stay compliant with local bylaws, without having to stop work at night.


In the mining industry, the right equipment plays a key role in managing your costs per ton. You’ve invested in the best machinery available — choose a power system that will support your fleet and keep your crew up-and-running for longer.

Our extensive selection of standby generators for sale makes us an important partner to mining operations throughout Georgia. Let us match you with a gen set that’s powerful enough to stand up to the most demanding underground and surface operations.

Power Plants

Cat medium-speed gen sets can deliver outputs ranging from 2 MW to more than 200 MW. Versatility and performance make Cat equipment an ideal choice for any power plant, while a history of engineering expertise makes Yancey Power Systems the ideal partner to sell, service and configure it.

As the Cat company’s authorized representative in Brunswick, Columbus and throughout GA, we can put together a complete turnkey solution for any power plant or related application.

Residential Homes

Residential properties are not exempt from the need for reliable backup power systems. A light-duty portable generator will keep your family comfortable and your home secure during a grid-wide power outage. We carry a number of diesel generator sets for home use and can help you calculate your power needs to make an informed purchase.

Marine Engines

Looking for a reliable marine engine for onboard power or propulsion? Cat get sets can be configured to provide prime, backup and standby power in marine applications. With 15 locations in Georgia, we can provide service for both inland and coastal marine fleets.

Industrial Engines

Cat gas and diesel industrial engines are suitable for a variety of applications, from agriculture and forestry to mining and manufacturing. Browse our current selection of generators for sale online or visit a location near you for personalized assistance.