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Standby Generators: No Longer a Luxury

On-site generators are no longer just luxury items for large estates. Your computers, entertainment systems, security alarms, air conditioners, freezers and other appliances depend on reliable power. The trend toward in-home health care is another reason to consider on-site power generator systems.

Generator sets from Caterpillar provide affordable, dependable standby power in a wide range of sizes - and Yancey Power Systems provides reliable local service.

Advantages of Caterpillar Generators for Residential Homes:

• Choice of diesel or gas units.
• Safe installation according to local electrical codes.
• Sound attenuation for quiet running in rural subdivisions or urban neighborhoods.
• Enclosures designed to “blend in,” with mufflers mounted inside, and more than 200 paint colors available.
• Sure fire automatic startup.
 •Many options.

Multi-Residential Complexes

Caterpillar offers on-site standby generators in an unlimited range of sizes for multi-family rental or owner-occupied housing complexes. Systems include:

• Standby generators for elevators, essential lighting and other code-mandated loads.
• Standby generators for dwelling unit loads.
• Combined heat and power packages for large buildings or multiple buildings served by district heating or cooling systems.

For more information on protecting your home and family with a Caterpillar electric power generator please contact your Yancey Power Representative today.