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Your customers expect to be able to turn their lights on, run their appliances and power their businesses, regardless of the reliability of the grid or peak demands. You could enter into long-term power purchase agreements to own a block of reserve power to address these intermittent spikes. However, this approach can lead to unnecessary base load capacity, driving up costs for you and your customers. Due to the volatility of the power market, you could be locking into prices that end up being higher than estimated.

Cat® diesel generator sets are a cost-effective solution to providing reliable power, meeting spikes in demand and keeping power affordable for your customers. It’s important to remember that suffering a power cut due to grid problems isn’t simply inconvenient. For many of your residential and commercial customers, a cut in power can affect:

  • • Manufacturing, production and industrial processes
  • • IT communications and electronic data storage
  • • Stores and businesses that are unable to stay open
  • • Stores and businesses that are unable to stay open
  • • Hospitals, schools, retirement homes and other service-related operations
  • • Heating, cooling and other residential power requirements

      When the power goes off, everything stops for your customers. Your goal as a utility company is to keep the power flowing at all times. The best way to avoid unplanned power cuts is to rent commercial generators from Yancey Bros. Co. We are a local leader in utility company back-up power, and we also have back-up generators for sale that can save you headaches.

      Choose the Commercial Generator That Suits Your Needs

      To make sure you have the utility company back-up power you need, here at Yancey we offer a wide range of efficient and reliable Cat generators for rent or for sale. You can choose the model with the power output and features that suit your application.

      Powered by Cat engines, Cat generator sets feature:

      • Low owning and operating costs
      • Ratings from 13kW to 17,460kW
      • A wide range of factory-designed options
      • World-class fuel efficiency and low life-cycle costs
       •Excellent transient response and steady state performance
      • Emissions compliance with most worldwide regulations
      • Single source and turnkey support from the Cat Dealer network

      Yancey Power is a single source provider for your power generation needs. With Cat products and support on your side, you'll experience what today's customers already have: flexible solutions, proven performance, and on-going service and support, anywhere in the world

      For more information please contact your Yancey Power Representative today.