Toshiba® Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)

The 4300 Series is a state-of-the-art UPS designed for the needs of the IT industry. This newly designed UPS has the one of the largest input voltage/frequency windows in the industry. This allows for the unit to extend the life of the battery. The front end IGBT design allows the 4300 Series to work optimally at 0 to 100% load with less than 3% THD on the input. This allows for one-to-one sizing of the generator. The 4300 Series also offers a standard three-year warranty. Optional matching cabinet accessories (battery cabinet and maintenance bypass cabinet) allow for sixty combinations of three-phase/three-wire and three-phase/four-wire input/output voltages.

• True Online Double-Conversion
• Line-Up-and-Match Ancillary Equipment: Transformer, Battery, & MBS Cabinets
• Zero Rear Clearance Required
• Complete Front Access Design with Top, Front, and Side Entry
• Local Touch-Screen Interface
• 0.9 Output Power Factor
• Input Power Factor > 0.98
• Input Current < 3%

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