TOSHIBA® UPS Options & Accessories

The Remote-D is an intelligent power management system that provides power management for any combination of network equipment connected to it. Users can control the power on/off for any device connected to the Remote-D, manually or remotely, using a console or Ethernet connection. The Remote-D comes with eight power outlets, each of which can be monitored and controlled through the console or web interfaces. Users can also use the front panel to operate the power outlets.

• Protection of Electronics Equipment from Random Surges & High Amplitude Spikes
• Comprehensive Power Management via RS232 and Ethernet with Browser or SNMP
• Remote Management Individual Output Power Receptacles
• Programmable Turn On/Off based on Specific Events
• Event Notification through SNMP Trap and Email Alerts
• Detailed Data-Logging For Statistic Analysis and Diagnostics
• Double-Layer Security for Administrators and Users
• Optional Connectivity of Versatile Sensors via Environmental Monitoring Device

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