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Sometimes the most economical way to power your business is to buy used. Caterpillar used power systems are built tough and maintained by the experts at Yancey Power Systems. That way you know that Yancey Used Power Systems are top-of-the-line and won't leave you stranded.When it comes to power for your business, you need a generator that will deliver the performance you require of it, shift after shift. It’s well known an investment in a quality Cat® machine is one that can be counted on for industry-leading efficiency and reliability. However, exceptional quality comes at a price, particularly when purchasing new equipment. As a result, sometimes the most economical way to power your business is to buy used.

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Please contact your Yancey Power Representative to ask if we have any used power units in stock that may fit your particular needs.  If we don't have any currently in inventory, ask your Representative to stay on the lookout for used units that meet

 your requirements.With a large inventory and unparalleled product knowledge, Yancey Power Systems helps remove the risk when you buy a used generator. We have an extensive selection of diesel, prime power and back up generators for sale, all of which are in excellent condition and come fully serviced by our team of factory-trained technicians.

Add to that the legendary quality of Cat equipment — and extensive dealer support only available from our service department — and it’s easy to see why clients from all over Georgia shop with confidence when they buy a used generator from Yancey Power Systems.

Get in touch with a representative in your area to learn more about our current inventory of used standby and portable generators for sale. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we may be able to source it from our network of nationwide dealer partners. 


When you buy a used generator from Yancey Power Systems, you:

  • • Stretch your budget further. The cost savings associated with buying new allow you to purchase a better machine than your budget would allow if limited to new equipment. As a result, you get a generator that can deliver a number of ongoing benefits, including greater fuel efficiency, fewer maintenance requirements, lower operating costs and better reliability.
  • • Save the initial depreciation associated with buying new. Depending on the brand, new generators depreciate considerably immediately after purchase. However, with a Cat gen set, this depreciation levels offs quickly, provided the equipment is well maintained. This means by buying a used Cat generator, you spend less initially while still getting a machine that will hold its resale value down the line.
  • • Get up and running faster. Get up and running faster. When you need a portable or emergency generator in a pinch, buying used can save precious time. Unlike a new product, which may have to be ordered from the factory and can require a break-in period, with used you get a machine delivered right away, in full running condition.
  • Want to learn more about the benefits of buying a used diesel generator from GA’s Yancey Power Systems? Contact one of our sales representatives directly by phone or email.


    Buying used diesel generator sets requires a careful consideration of both your budget and your power needs. While it’s tempting to purchase the most powerful unit available, overestimating your requirements can lead to high fuel costs and inefficient performance. At the same time, however, the risks of buying an underpowered generator are obvious.

    Yancey Power Systems will work with you to help select the ideal combination of price, performance, and features for your operation. With one of the largest inventories of used diesel generators in GA, we have more options for our clients, including a wide range of switchgear and other accessories necessary to put together a complete backup power solution.


    As the sole authorized Cat dealer serving our territory, Yancey Power Systems is the only place to back up every used generator we sell with sophisticated diagnostics and factory-authorized service. When you buy a used diesel generator from us, we can put together a complete preventative maintenance schedule and Customer Support Agreement that ensures your purchase continues running its best for years to come.

    When repairs or maintenance are required, we can quickly source replacement parts, whether they’re original equipment manufacturer, aftermarket, used or remanufactured. Order online for maximum convenience, or speak with a parts representative directly for assistance choosing the right item for any job.


    Financing and extended warranty support are available for all Cat diesel generator sets in our used inventory. Whether you’re looking for a portable backup generator, a standby gen set or a prime power solution for mission critical applications, get in touch with Yancey Power Systems first.

    For more than a century, our parent company has been a partner to organizations throughout Atlanta and beyond. Our extensive selection of used generators for sale is just one of the ways we’re helping you meet your goals every day. To learn more about our full selection of power products and services, visit any of our 15 locations today or contact us for more information.

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