Service & Maintenance

Customer Service Agreements


A Customer Support Agreement (CSA) - custom designed for you - is one of the most convenient and affordable ways we can help you take advantage of these valuable resources. CSAs go by many names and cover many aspects of maintenance, repair and power system operation. These highly flexible agreements can range from scheduled inspection and preventive maintenance to before-failure overhauls and Total Cost-Per-Hour Guarantees. What service you include will depend on your equipment, your installation and your employee capabilities - factors we will carefully analyze with you before an agreement is proposed. Every CSA has one primary goal: to free up valuable time for you to focus on what you do best - managing and growing your core business. A CSA Begins With You.

One of the most important features of a CSA is flexibility. There are no pre-determined requirements or specific products or services that you must agree to buy. Instead, every CSA is an individualized plan that fits your needs and keeps you in control of your budget.

The CSA's cost can be either a monthly flat rate, a cost-per-hour based on the engine's hours, or some other pricing structure based on the type of service anticipated over the period of the CSA's coverage.

Here are a few of the more common options:
• Inspection Programs
• Preventive Maintenance
• Total Maintenance and Repair
• Customized Agreement

Count on Yancey Power Systems for top-of-the-line service on all of your generators and other power systems. We have highly trained Technicians who know your power systems inside and out.

If any of these Customer Support Agreement options fit what you are looking for - or if you have any specific questions or needs for a Yancey CSA - please call your Yancey Power Representative today. He will be glad to sit down with you and customize a CSA package that will bring the most benefit and coverage to your operations.