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Electronic Generator Monitoring


Yancey Power Systems now offers 24/7 electronic generator monitoring! This remote system makes your emergency power generator dramatically more reliable. Our wireless remote monitoring system is like having a technician watching your generator 24 hours a day to make sure that it is functioning properly. In the event of a critical alarm or performance condition, the system will automatically notify us by email or text (and you, too, if desired). We can then respond to potential problems before a real utility power outage occurs. We will also see your weekly exercise cycles indicating proper operation and all other available data from your generator, which is accessible online 24/7.

Some of the key benefits and functionality of the system include:
• Improved Reliability - The emergency power generator is electronically monitored around the clock.
• Peace of Mind - Know with confidence that the generator is ready for the next power outage.
• Instant Alarm Notification via email and/or text of system change in status, including: system running, system failure, low fuel level (if available), low engine temperature, low battery voltage, not in auto, and many other available parameters.
• Weekly and/or Monthly Activity and Status Reports sent automatically via email.
• Customer Website provides secure connectivity to the emergency power system, access to all historical data, the ability to customize alarm notifications, and the ability to generate reports.
• Standard and Custom Reporting capabilities provide in-depth detail or summary analysis of all unit parameters available from the generator control system.
• Time & Date Stamped Event Logging provides validated data for system diagnostics, historical analysis and system performance verification.
• Data Archiving - Securely maintains all system events for the life of the equipment.
• Remote Start/Stop capabilities (if enabled) allow the user to operate the emergency power generator through the secure web based user portal.
• Rapid Service Response - Service issues can be addressed immediately minimizing downtime.


Know That Your Generator Won’t Let You Down. What would the consequences be?
• Financial loss.
• Life safety.
• Security concerns.
• Regulatory compliance.

Eliminates 95% of “Fail-to-Start” Events.
• Most failures are rarely mechanical problems. OMNIMETRIX accurately pinpoints systems that could potentially fail-to-start.

Key Failures:
• Low Battery Voltage.
• Unhandled System Alarms.
• Low Fuel
• Missed Exercise.
• Low Coolant Temperature.
• Plus Many More.

Gain the Assurance of 24/7 Monitoring
• 3,561,000 inspections provides equipment reliability backed by 24/7 technical support.
• Instant alarm notification via text and email.
• Access to real-time and historical data via the interactive website.
• Knowledge is power - make proactive maintenance decisions before.