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EMCP Upgrades


The first Caterpillar EMCP upgrade solution, the OCP 4.3 Retrofit Panel, became available in early 2013. It is a service replacement for the SI Status Control (based on EMCP 1 technology), used with legacy gas engines. Next was the EMCP 4.3 Retrofit Panel, which is a service replacement for EMCP II and EMCP 3, for electric power generation applications. These upgrade solutions are designed to be:

• Nearly plug-and-play
• Installed in less than a day
• Easily programmable
• Stocked and available through the Cat parts system

Installed in less than a dayEasily programmableStocked and available through the Cat parts system

Additional upgrade solutions are currently being designed and will be rolled out in the near future.

EMCP 4.3 Features

The new EMCP 4.3 Retrofit Panel is ready-to-mount, requires no additional assembly or parts, and can replace the old panel in totality. Or, if your old panel is still serviceable, but you need a new controller, a qualified technician can hook up the new EMCP 4.3 Controller with adapter harnesses.

The EMCP 4.3 Retrofit Panel offers added features, including a display of:

• Engine operating state – starting, running, cool down, stopped, idling
• Engine diagnostics - coolant temperature, oil pressure, engine speed, operating hours
• Generator parameters – voltage, current, power
• Battery voltage

For more information on EMCP upgrades please contact your Yancey Power Representative today.