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If you are in need of Emergency Power Generation Equipment, please call our of our first responder team representatives below for prompt assistance. They are on call 24/7/365 to assist you.

Kevin Chmela,  Southeast Georgia - (912) 844-5524

Brian Riley,  Northeast Georgia - (404) 886-2371

Steven Nikolopoulus,  Northwest Georgia - (404) 886-0954

Don Crump,  Southwest Georgia - (912) 655-7647


Across Georgia all types of industries rely on continuous and backup power supplies to respond to the unexpected. Whether you’re cleaning up after a powerful storm or are experiencing extended blackout conditions, it pays to have access to a complete inventory of emergency generators for rent. Since 2009 Yancey Power has operated a plan to provide improved rental and distribution of power generation and temperature control equipment during a time of natural disaster in Georgia and the southeastern U.S.

Although any type of natural disaster can be applied to the plan, YPS is called on frequently by customers in Georgia to be their power generation and temperature control resource during hurricane season. Tornados, floods and ice storms also affect businesses and municipalities across Georgia on a frequent basis. 24/7, 365-days-a-week, our experienced team is on call to deliver the emergency generator solutions required to keep your operation fully powered and regulatory compliant.

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During a natural disaster, Yancey Power customers rely heavily on getting the needed equipment sourced and delivered in an expedient manner. No matter the type of industry or size and scope of your company, we keep a diverse range of emergency generator rentals in stock to quickly and efficiently meet your needs. Yancey Power's Natural Disaster First Responder Plan allows our Reps to provide our customers with rental confirmation details in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

YPS's First Responder Team of Rental Specialists and support staff will be dispatched to a centralized command center location to field telephone calls and inquiries, to complete rental transactions from start to finish, and to dispatch equipment immediately. This process will happen as the disaster is in process. For example, as the final path of a hurricane is announced and predicted to make landfall, the team will be dispatched - even if it is 2 a.m. The goal of Yancey Power is to get the needed resources - power generation units and temperature control equipment - into the hands of businesses and governmental response teams in the affected areas as quickly as possible.

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Yancey Rents provides a valuable service to the region by offering around-the-clock temporary access to top-quality power generation solutions. We’ll help your business save money and protect its interests by remaining productive in virtually any conditions while eliminating expenses relating to storing, transporting and maintaining generators. 

As an authorized Cat® dealer for the region, we’re dedicated to providing immediate access to state-of-the-art emergency gensets in Georgia on a temporary basis. Our line of Cat emergency generator rentals is capable of producing the most reliable, clean and economical electrical power in the most rigorous and challenging operating environments.

We offer an extensive inventory of diesel and natural gas mobile and stationary gensets in stock, with the ability to quickly find the specific power system solution you require through our extended Cat dealer network

Our Cat® emergency generators for rent in Georgia feature:

  •   • Sound-attenuated, weatherproof enclosures for safe and reliable operation
  •   • Powerful yet fuel-efficient ACERT™ Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 diesel engines
  •   • Rugged design and construction for durability in the rental environment
  •   • Full selection of power system parts, work tools and accessories
  •   • Expert technical support from your authorized Cat dealership

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Whether you need to rent emergency diesel generators in Macon or a portable gas genset in Resaca, Yancey is the local source you can trust and rely on. From attentive customer service and exceptional product knowledge to fast delivery and ongoing live support, we’re the one-stop shop for your emergency generator rental and temperature control system needs. Our experienced and professional team will work fast to find the most efficient power system solution that fits your budget and application requirements.

Over the years, we’ve helped countless businesses quickly and affordably locate rental emergency generators in Atlanta and throughout our service territory. If you would like more information on equipping your business or municipality with backup power and/or temperature control systems, or if you want more information on Yancey Power's Disaster Response program, please contact one of YPS' Power Rental Specialists. They will be glad to work with you on a plan so your business will be prepared should a natural disaster affect your area of Georgia.

When a continuous, reliable source of electrical power is an operational necessity, it pays to have a relationship with a local dealer with world-class capabilities. Give us a call, get in touch with us online or visit a conveniently located Yancey Power location for more information on our complete selection of emergency generator rental products and services.

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